Alta is art, mystery, and elegance.

But Alta is more than just a place to stay. Alta is its people because it’s them who will make your time here, one to remember. 


Born and raised in Salitral de Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Don Oscar is the person in charge of Passaghaleh, our Finca. From a young age, he followed in the footsteps of his father and learned how to work the land. Our paths crossed eleven years ago, and right from the get-go, we knew we had found the right person to make our farm-to-table dreams come true. With more than 40 years of experience under his belt, he carefully cares for our crops, ensuring that every guest will get a rich taste of what this land has to offer, or in his own words “the taste of the Pura Vida.”


Andrés started cooking when he was 17 years old. Driven by a desire to taste new flavors, he started making his way through the culinary arts. Four years ago, he joined our team as sous-chef but his creativity, passion, and attention to detail shortly got him the position of Head Chef. Andre’s gift with food allows him to create dishes that combine the best of the gastronomic world. He has created some of our most emblematic dishes, but when it comes to his favorite, he says the Pescado Caribeño is definitely on his top 3.


Adventurous, charming and eloquent, Don Alex is the man behind the dream. Originally from Iran, this serial entrepreneur has been creating businesses for the majority of his life.  Don Alex came to Costa Rica to start the first carbon neutral airline in the world, earning along the way many international accolades for his contributions to Nature and Tourism. In 2010 he visited the Alta Hotel by coincidence and his path changed forever. The masterful architecture and particular rooftops reminded him of a time in Southern France, when he used to spend his days hiking and daydreaming about the future. Needless to say he fell in love and he has since then left his mark.  Particularly important for him is the love of the land and a sustainable future and this is why he also purchased the Passghaleh coffee Finca where he grows coffee and many of the vegetables for the restaurant La Luz. But let him share his passion of boutique hotels, organic farming, art, music and many tales of his world travels once you get here…


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